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Rosemere High School
530 Northcote


Coordinates45°38′50″N 73°47′09″W / 45.6471°N 73.7857°W / 45.6471; -73.7857
TypePublic and High school
School boardSir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
PrincipalKaren Lorenz, With Gail Spillaine and Emily Robinson as Vice Principal
GradesSecondary 1 to 5
Colour(s)Green and white          
AthleticsFootball, Soccer, Hockey and Basketball
Team nameRaiders
NewspaperPaper Cut[1]

Rosemere High School (RHS) of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board[2] is a high school located in the town of Rosemère, Québec, Canada. It is housed in a two-story structure with enrollment of approximately 1,400 students.

The building is adjacent to the board headquarters. The school campus itself houses the board's Educational Services and Complementary Services Centre.[3]

Rosemere High School Students were required to follow a specific dress code for both magistral and physical education classes.[4] However, this dress code was removed in the 2018 school year. A dress code for physical education is loosely enforced.[5]

Attendance zones[edit]


School sports[edit]

There are currently 11 Sport Programs at RHS:

  • Basketball
    • Junior; Boys
    • Senior; Boys - Raiders
    • Senior; Girls - Tropix
  • Football: Rosemere Raiders
    • Junior; Boys
    • Senior; Boys
  • Hockey
    • Junior; Boys
    • Senior; Boys - Mustangs
  • Soccer
    • Junior; Boys
    • Junior; Girls - Strikers
    • Senior; Boys
    • Senior; Girls
  • Jungball
    • Junior; Boys
  • Superthrow
    • Junior; Boys


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