National freeway 3A

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National freeway 3a
Route information
Maintained by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
Length5.6 km (3.5 mi)
Highway system
Highway system in Taiwan
Nat 3Nat 4
National Highway 3A

National freeway 3A (native:國道三號甲線;三甲) is a spur of national freeway 3 to downtown Taipei City. It begins in Taipei City at the intersection of Xinhai Road and Fanglan Road and ends in Shenkeng, New Taipei City on the county highway 106B.

Despite the name “freeway“, this spur has at-grade intersection middle the way[clarification needed], hence traffic signals installed, not "free from signal” and tolled by Etag systems


The total length is 5.6 km.

Major Cities Along the Route[edit]

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The freeway has 2 lanes in each direction for its entire length.


Completed in March 1996.

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