Ryūsuke Ōbayashi

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Ryūsuke Ōbayashi
大林 隆介
Born (1946-03-13) March 13, 1946 (age 74)
Years active1966–present
Agent81 Produce
Height171 cm (5 ft 7 in)

Ryūsuke Ōbayashi (大林 隆介, Ōbayashi Ryūsuke, born March 13, 1946 in Fukuoka Prefecture) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator. Some of his best known roles include Soun Tendo in Ranma ½ and Captain Kiichi Goto in Patlabor. He was formerly credited as Ryūnosuke Ōbayashi (大林 隆之介, Ōbayashi Ryūnosuke). He is employed by the talent management firm 81 Produce.


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